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[quote cite=’Adela Crosby’]”We believe in being extraordinary women”[/quote]
We bring old school chicano fashion to the present various generations by keeping the same values. We focus on positive community reinforcement by abstaining from violent motives and providing services which gives back to the community via, volunteering for persons with Alzheimer’s disease and the youth whom have fallen to victims of cancer. We currently have new found representatives promoting in different locations around the world. They participate in meetings, charity within their own prospective communities, and provide as excellent role models for women as a whole.My vision was to create a clothing line to clothing line to speak out to women worldwide and create unity and life long friendships. and create unity and life long friendships.
As I firstly have stated, we do not promote gang violence therefore, we look for individual’s with a sense of individuality. We look for a classy, unique, and independent look and ask for women to maintain their self respect. Charismatic personalities are definitely welcome with a positive attitude.
The girls we all work with are all different, we don’t require our women to be tatted up. It just goes along with each woman’s individuality and characteristics. We have women who represent us without tattoos or piercings. The women interested in representing RRM range from single-mothers, business women, nurses, teachers, doctors, law enforcement, counselors, and the list can go on. We do not have a particular look, but we all share the same vision for being heard.
We try to encourage each woman to strong willed and able to keep their own unique sense of individuality. We try not to conform to society and wish to instill that in each other. When the road gets hard, we need to be able to maintain our own sense of uniqueness and allow our light to shine.
RRM girls participate in about five or more times a month with different facilities. We are currently involved in a Project Love, which we create dolls and comfort bears for cancer patients and children with other melodies. Plenty of donations leave our vicinity presently and venture off into St. Jude’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald’s House, local Foster homes, and domestic violence havens. We provide a positive environment for each location and instill hope in as many individual’s we can reach.
RRM Has Grown from  just being a Worldwide sisterhood/Clothing Brand In 2013 We launched an Online WORLD MAGAZINE and continue to expand our vision…
Adela “La Jefa” Delgado

Who we are & What we believe

We Believe in:
1. Being the “extraordinary woman”, standing for that which we believe in, using our pain as a form of strength, continuous growth, spreading Love to all corners, shutting down stereotypes, being united, helping other woman rise up, paving paths for children, planting seeds of positivity, teaching new ways, learning from old ones, uniqueness, sacrifice, and Loyalty.
2. Women of Worth.
4. Through our bond, we sisters represent a greater form of Woman… A Woman who embraces her inner beauty in a way that leaves no room for jealousy or resentments … A Woman who is bold enough to stand up for something… A Woman fearless of  Judgement.
5. We were all created with our own individual and beautiful fingerprint…so that we may leave an impression on everything and everyone we come across.
6. Faith.
7. Leaving the World, with something worth remembering…. Appreciating those, who believe in us….
[dropcap]Much Love to our supporters, we couldn’t do it without you![/dropcap]

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