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26 Inspirational Quotes From Successful Latina Entrepreneurs

Words of wisdom from Latina leaders who are setting the course for tomorrow's leaders.

The Latina segment of our population, particularly second-generation Latinas, is well positioned to enter the ranks of powerful leaders in the U.S. As the fastest-growing female demographic, Latina women will represent one in six individuals in the U.S. by the year 2050. With increasing college enrollments, often leading to the pursuit of advanced degrees, this ambitious, resourceful, and bilingual segment is offering up many of tomorrow’s leaders. Further, Latina entrepreneurs own an estimated 1,033,100 businesses as of 2014, generating $71.1 billion in revenue and employing over 400,000 workers. A powerful force to be reckoned with!

I collected these inspiring quotes from the book Today’s Inspired Latina. Having overcome language barriers, self-doubt, and restricted earning potential and career advancement, these strong women are a great example of how inspiration and perseverance can lead you to happiness and success in business and life.



1. “If the dream is there, work, save, and invest until it is your reality.” —Ana Santos Vitel

2. “The single most beautiful gift you can give to others is your positive attitude.” —Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz

3. “Life will reward you, but not always by the route you expect.” —Edna Rodriguez

4. “Keep looking forward because that is where you’ll find opportunity.” —Karina Garcia

5. “Have faith that there is something better in store for you.” —Beatriz Cantu

6. “Success is not a destination; it is a journey we must constantly pursue.” —Gabriela Reyna

7. “Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and welcome the beauty of life!” —Carla Sandoval

8. “If you believe in yourself, everyone around you will too.” —Claudia Soto Urrutia

9. “Activate the abilities you already have and achieve your mission.” —Dr. Ingryd Lorenzana

10. “Don’t let fear stop you from achieving what you want.” —Elizabeth Colon

11. “Believe in yourself, dream big, and trust in the universe.” —Martha Leticia Romero & Silvia Romero

12. “It is when you have a crack in your heart that the light will come in.” —Gabriela Rodil

13. “We can choose to be a character in a story written out by someone else or we can choose to be the author of our own story.” —Ruby Garcia

14. “It is our duty and responsibility to become the best person we are intended to be.” —Luz Marie Caro

15. “Making a difference is always possible, especially with persistence and dedication.” —Gladys De La Mora

16. “Be in control of your life by living each day unhindered and unrestrained by the legitimate institutions that control you.” —Luz Canino Baker

17. “It’s important to keep moving forward, towards our goals.” —Marie De Leanos

18. “Setting stepping stones will help us to walk and work towards our personal and career goals.” —Nora Renteria

19. “Let go of who you are today to become who you want to be.” —Paloma Greer

20. “The best investment you can make is in yourself.” —Paulina Lopez

21. “Success doesn’t come without education and hard work.” —Sandy Martinez

22. “To be prosperous, one must achieve a healthy mind, body and lifestyle.” —Vanessa Quintana

23. “Don’t be afraid of the difficulties, don’t let yourself down, put your trust in God, because he will always be with you.” —Yenia Herrera Pernett

24. “Your voice needs to be heard.” —Dolly Rosario

25. “The most wonderful thing about life is that you can always begin again. No matter what ups and downs you are handed in life today, you can always begin again tomorrow.” —Raiza Mendoza

26. “Have passion and pride to be dynamic, distinguished, and extraordinary.” —Mirna Lopez Freitag

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