On Easter, remember the real reason for the season


  As we celebrate another Easter this coming Sunday morning, I hope we will remember and give thanks to our Lord, Jesus Christ, for giving his life to save us and for forgiving our many sins. The memory of the nail-scarred body of Jesus, hanging on the cross, will be in our hearts and minds forever. We can never forget the many blessings he has given us and continues to give every day of our lives.

For most families, this is a time to participate in church programs and Christian activities. It’s also a time when children enjoy participating in special Easter plays, singing, and learning more about this special day. And they also look forward to hunting the eggs that the Easter bunny hid for them. Even though they enjoy this special activity, it doesn’t mean that we are trivializing the Christian meaning of Easter. This is another way for families to come together and share their love, while remembering this special day. I have many fond memories of Easter during my early and teenage years and also my adult years with my children. I was taught at home and also at church about Jesus and why He died on the cross to save us and to give us everlasting life. My Easter Sundays began early with a special sunrise service, which like most children, I sometimes dreaded because of having to get up early when it was still dark. As I grew older though, I learned to appreciate this part of the day and found myself looking forward to it. Listening to the birds chirping, singing, listening to the service in the quietness of the morning hours, and watching the sun slowly rise, was a beautiful way to begin each Easter. In later years, when I had my own family, we continued this tradition and it became an important part of our lives as well. After the service, we would enjoy a wonderful breakfast and then get dressed for Sunday School and church. As my brothers and I dressed in our new clothes, we would ask our parents when the Easter bunny would come. They assured us that he would not forget and he would probably hide the eggs in our yard while we were gone. As promised, when we returned from church, the Easter bunny had stopped and had hidden lots of eggs in our yard. We always enjoy hunting for them and trying to see who found the most. We also enjoyed finding the other little surprises as well. Our services at church were always wonderful and the Easter Cantata was beautiful and filled with great Easter music, which included adults and children. My brothers and I enjoyed participating in the programs because our teachers were caring and taught us so much. Our parents always enjoyed our programs and I can still remember the smiles on their faces. When I got older and had children of my own, I looked forward to watching their performances and I was glad that they too enjoyed going to church and learning about God.]]>


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