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The Chola Style is Hitting Hard In Southern California

Southern Californias new trends are out and the Chola style looks as if its never going away. Matter in fact its coming back hard. Mexican, White, Black or Asian it don’t really matter nowadays. The looks been in since the early pachuca days and it’s what started the trends and street fashions from back then in California and now all over the world. You even see rocker chicas sporting the dress attire. Hip hop grabbed it years ago in the 90’s. We had the chance to hang out at the last photo session in Los Angeles with La Jefa and took some firme flickas with some of the sisters from RRM
From Ventura County, Los Angeles County , The Big Inland Empire, Orange County, and San Diego county this style is here to stay and is hitting the streets of socal hard.
Let’s not forgot to mention Asia. It’s really big out in Asia including Japan but it all started out here in southern California.
BY Jessica Delira Editor

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