Leaders lead by example, not by encouraging intimidation and instigating bullying. It’s a shame to see a grown woman behaving maliciously and condoning bullying. The role of a leader comes with responsibility to live as a woman of worth. To respect yourself and carry yourself as you would want your daughters, mothers, and sisters to walk. To be proud of your accomplishments but realize your mistakes are life lessons. No one is perfect, no one is above failure, but what we are is stronger than we realize. Women of Redrosemafia are led by a leader who believes in and empowering one another, encouraging one another, supporting one another, across the street or across the world, women coming together united by a bond, a sisterhood to respect one another, understand our differences and learn from them. Knowledge is power, respect is earned, and kindness is contagious.
We were the first. We are the originals. We started this trend and have no intention in giving it up. We care for our communities. We give back to our communities but we will not tolerate disrespect, lies, or slandering.
Encouraging your members to talk shit..to attempt to intimidate another…what’s the purpose? This is not the playground, this is real life, we’re grown ups dealing with adult children.
We are nothing alike. Our goals couldn’t be anymore different.
To be given the opportunity to use your hateful energy towards something positive… Baseball game RRM V’s PMM with the winner donating to a charity of choice, yet you’ve remained silent. Instead of instigating girls to be bullies and shit talkers, teach them to give to a local charity or giving back to their communities. You’re all show, you’re all talk and no action .
FUCK your email bullshit! Stop being so insecure, you’re like a broken record with the same old sad song. Existing doesn’t make you worth anything if you don’t make it count.  get over it and move the fuck on Latina Vamp. And let’s not forget the Pmm Brazil Bullies..I sure would love to see these females up close!