Meet Maggie Moreno:
Maggie was born in Ventura & raised in northeast Los Angeles. She comes from a family of six who growing up were exposed to reading, art and music . Early on Her parents understood her love for music and by the time Maggie was 12 years old, she had first drum set. Her parents also believed it would keep her mind off boys …. and it definitely did!! At 14 she joined her high school marching band and played several percussion instruments from cymbals to snare to marimba to the drum kit. Maggie was the first girl to play the drum kit in her high school concert band . After high school she started working in healthcare in the west Hollywood/Beverly hills area, with the clubs being only a block away. This sparked her interest in music even more. Maggie played in a different bands for a few years, got married and unfortunately gave up my drumming for about 12 years. When she divorced and kicked her ex to the curb, she went out and purchased two drum sets and got back into what she loves doing. Music has always had a strong hold on Maggie, from Alternative, Dark wave, metal, industrial, 80’s, rockabilly and House music being her strongest influences. Currently she plays a RED 5 piece Pearl kit and a black 8 piece double bass Yamaha kit . Maggie has done a few performance here and there but an injury had kept her from being able to do more. Maggie’s now is closer to 100% recovery and getting back on it. She’s currently working for a Law Firm and love’s it. She has always loved dogs and has owned them for as long as she can remember. Currently she owns two champion line Doberman, a red female dobie named Honey-Jack and a black male named Rocco-Billy. They both have modeled for RRM. Maggie has dedicated plenty of time to them as they are her most loyal companions and are extremely intelligent as well as protective. Maggie is a fairly new member of RRM of about 6 months. According to Maggie her experience with the members has been a genuine one. Maggie has a stated regarding fellow RRM ladies, “they are sweet, intelligent, respectful and beautiful both inside and out and I’m proud to be an official member.” She’s experienced and enjoyed participating in Toy Runs, meet & greets, and photo shoots. Maggie plans to continue doing what she can to give back to the community, the disabled, and the less fortunate as well as take a stand against domestic violence, cancer & other illnesses. Maggie would like to thank our Jefa, and all her RRM sisters, local and around the world for their continued support and allowing her to be part of an empowered, strong & driven sisterhood, who stay away from drama and truly have each other’s back. We look forward to continuing to work with and grow as an organization with our beautiful Maggie on our team.
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Maggie with her two beautiful dogs
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