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RRM is absolutely one of a kind! Membership has it’s advantages

Joining RRM International opens up a whole new world of opportunities and the chance to interact with today’s top society of pioneers, advocates and mentors who support and guide your collegiate and professional journey, and celebrate your lifelong accomplishments. RRM is absolutely one of a kind. We’re not merely a social club, woman society or street crew, but a discerning and sophisticated organization with a 7-year legacy providing our members with a distinctive lifestyle anchored by life-time experiences. This is what sets us apart from all women organizations around the world.
RRM International is an exclusive non-profit organization focused on issues of interest to women of all walks of life. The RRM International network are women from academia, corporate representatives and other individuals supporting and advocating for the mission of RRM. All RRM members are encouraged and supported in the development of skills necessary to be effective leaders in all walks of life.
During the last couple years, RRM launched an initiative designed to foster inclusiveness and engage the diverse members of our organization worldwide. Each RRM chapter within the organization share a common element of diversity work collaboratively together! This program is growing, and we now have several RRM groups with leaders who want to connect with you and establish a network within RRM for you to ASPIRE, ADVANCE, and ACHIEVE within the organization and outside of the organization.


Each RRM chapter that has been established worldwide:

  • Share knowledge, concerns, and experiences among themselves and allies
  • Mutually support each other
  • Advise and educate on issues affecting the specific group
  • Serve as a resource to RRM members regarding the specific group’s interest
  • Serve as a forum for discussion on specific topics aligning with the specific RRM group
  • Enhance and promote networking mechanisms for connecting members
  • Increase understanding and commitment to the value of diversity and inclusion as an integral part of the RRM culture

With RRM International comes new leadership opportunities to build and grow. We are always looking for the right individuals to step forward and become leaders within the organization and within their countries groups.


Think you have what it takes and might be interested in becoming a member?

Impact your future as a member of RRM International. We are currently working on an official private membership section of our website where our members can login and gain a vast pool of resources for their personal development and growth while having many opportunities to grow, both personally and professionally. Also interact with other RRM members worldwide. Get exclusive benefits that are offered to only RRM members. Obtain V.I.P. status at local clubs, restaurants, events and much much more!
JOIN RRM International by selecting the “Submit Your Application Now” button at the bottom of this article to submit the preliminary application. Membership dues are non-refundable. We review every application personally. Please note that even though some applicants may not at all be selected this shouldn’t discourage anyone from submitting future applications. One of our leaders within RRM international will talk/ correspond with you personally and will discuss with you your long term and short term goals individually and within the organization to see if your a good fit. Submit your application today!
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