RRM International

RRM is absolutely one of a kind. We’re not merely a social club, woman society or street crew, but a discerning and sophisticated organization with a 7-year legacy providing our members with a distinctive lifestyle anchored by life-time experiences. This is what sets us apart from all women organizations around the world.
RRM International is an exclusive non-profit organization focused on issues of interest to women of all walks of life. The RRM International network are women from academia, corporate representatives and other individuals supporting and advocating for the mission of RRM. All RRM members are encouraged and supported in the development of skills necessary to be effective leaders in all walks of life.

Founded in 2005 by Adela Delgado Crosby, RRM is  based in Los Angeles, Ca. The RRM sisterhood is a bond between women who share common goals and can come together. RRM started out as a group of women with a common interest but this definition only scratches the surface. The RRM sisterhood is much more profound. RRM members support one another. Women helping women. RRM encourages women to support each other, increase self-awareness and thrive. RRM is about bonding and building resilience. Our national leadership is dedicated to assuring high-impact services for a growing number of girls and expansion of our advocacy efforts. We set bold goals and a clear strategic direction in partnership with local leadership and communities.

Committed to maximizing our resources to benefit the communities we serve, RRM works with females from all over the nation. The RRM leadership are professionals who focus on the development while supporting, mentoring, and guiding females in an affirming, pro-female environment. Our members learn to value their whole selves, discover and develop their inherent strengths, and receive the support they need to navigate the challenges they face. RRM members live healthy and active lifestyles while eager to learn and mentor while developing the motivation and practical skills to be successful in today and throughout their lives. Our RRM members take the time to engage with families and communities, while encouraging females to pursue leadership positions, and serve as role models.

RRM encourages everyone to visit and participate in our specialized activities from our members while also encouraging businesses to partner or sponsor with a strategic alliance objective. Empowerment is a process by which people, organizations, and communities gain mastery over issues of concern to them. RRM unites women and girls with knowledge, support, self-determination, and healing.

RRM also works with our communities to ensure that females have the knowledge, resources, and skills to live healthy lives and access meaningful educational opportunities. We also advocate for policies that combat sexual violence and support girls who experience trauma.


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